「Caramel’s Guitar Kitchen(キャラメルズ・ギター・キッチン)」は福岡県在住のクラフトマンによる Made in JAPAN オリジナル・ハンドメイドギターブランドです。人の目を惹くPOPでCOOLで個性的なデザイン、50年代〜60年代を模倣したニトロセルロースラッカーで独自の塗装法によって仕上げられたボディ、TV-Jonesが搭載された至高のピックアップ、1つ1つ職人の手作りによって細部に渡りこだわり抜いた素材とデザイン。またウォーミーでありながらシャープという繊細なサウンドは他に類を見ない。「なつかしい、だけど見たことがない。あたらしい」あなたの「好き」を追求する。どこにもなかったデザインをぜひご覧ください。

・GOTOHのペグ、Graph Tech社の人工象牙TUSQナットなど細部にもこだわりのパーツを使用。

"Caramel's Guitar Kitchen" is a Made in JAPAN original handmade guitar brand by a craftsman living in Fukuoka. An eye-catching POP, COOL and unique design, a body finished with a unique painting method with nitrocellulose lacquer that imitates the 1950s and 1960s, and the supreme pickup equipped with TV-Jones, one by one The materials and designs are handmade by one craftsman and are carefully selected in every detail. In addition, the delicate sound of being warm and sharp is unparalleled. "Nostalgic, but I have never seen it. New" Pursue your "like". Please take a look at the design that was not found anywhere.

-Handmade one by one carefully finished by craftsmen.

-Nitrocellulose lacquer coating. It is carefully finished over time.

-Painting becomes a taste of deterioration over time, making it your own guitar.

-Craftman’s original checkered stitch painting creates an eye-catching design.

-Equipped with a TV-JONES pickup that pursues vintage sound.

-Uses parts that are particular about details such as GOTOH pegs and Graph Tech’s artificial ivory TUSQ nuts.

-Push-pull-pot realizes a variety of sounds by sticking to the electrical system.

Made in Japanを世界へ

片田タケシ 1964年佐賀県生まれ








A pride of made in Japan. The feelings of the design.

Takeshi Katada

In 1981, He went to Tokyo to be an action star at the age of 17 years old. He aimed at the actor while working part-time in a bakery, a soba served, an okonomiyaki shop, but change direction without doing well so that it is to a professional musician. At first it is an impression in the molding beauty, profundity and the romance of the guitar in musical instrument shop of Ochanomizu that was visited to buy a guitar. Therefore when he looked at the guitar parts for the first time, He knew it saying “I can make the guitar by oneself” and was shocked and performed it to buy parts with last money in morning on the next day. He learn how to make guitars before learning a guitar code. They do nothing but a band activity day in and day out, and they manage to reach a debut once, but the band is dissolved immediately afterwards without being popular really. He will work for a soy sauce ramen shop of the reputation in kitchen, pizzeria of the hotel and Koenji. He launched BAR and he got married once, but none lasted long and came back to the hometown alone afterwards. It was 48 years old. There was the story of the overseas advance that included the talk of the manager of restaurant branch, but did not do well at this, too. He work part-time in a factory to make the sweets of the convenience store now. Still the shock that he ever received in Ochanomizu was unforgettable and continued making the guitar much without a break from 20 generations. He continued having only this thought that “wanted to make the guitar which there was nowhere in the world” without blurring. It is the man that they were able to never do the skillful way of life, but the feelings to a guitar are made so as to be too enough. He moves the base in Fukuoka and finishes one guitar by the original painting with love carefully each. It wants, anyway, you to play the delightful guitar which you made to make a guitar. He decided sale only after becoming 56 years old in 2020 and have begun to walk the way to a guitar craftsman in earnest.







Caramel’s Guitar Kitchenが

株式会社エランツミュージック 代表 根本

It’s been 20 years since I was in my twenties and was fascinated by this unique design and Mr. Katada’s guitar, which has a strong impact, and asked me to sell it.The guitar I finally got after reuniting with Mr. Katada. When I actually get it, I am particular about the details, and it is also excellent in functionality and practicality.He wants to become a guitar maker and continue to make guitars. I decided to help Mr. Katada realize his dream.”Caramel” is Mr. Katada’s favorite word. “Kitchen” is because Mr. Katada and I were involved in eating and drinking work.As you use it, you can enjoy aging deterioration. What is the prominent look? That guitar? Will also call out to those around you.I hope Caramel’s Guitar Kitchen will be your “individuality” and “taste”.

Representative of Ellans Music Co., Ltd.


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